Fresh for Fall!

These last few weeks of summer weather have really pushed pumpkin lattes and woolen scarves far from my mind. However, a glimpse in the mirror this morning was a small wake up call to get the ball rolling on my fall skin revamp. Some brown spots, a few broken vessels, and perhaps—gasp—a hint of jowls forming along my jawline have jumpstarted my plan of attack!

Here’s how I’m getting my glow on this fall, and how you can too.

Brown spots/broken vessels: IPL, or photofacial as it is commonly known, is my go-to for erasing signs of languishing on the beach this summer! With no down-time, 20 minutes of numbing and 30 minutes of treatment means you can swing by on an extended lunch break to clear up your skin in time for the holidays. The spots flake off within a week, and usually 3 sessions will help get rid of the majority of browns and reds in your complexion. For my friends with rosacea and adult acne, this is a great way to clear those up as well.

Texture, scars, fine lines: Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, will be your new best friend. Controlled injury is created through the skin, tricking your body into sending more collagen there to help plump and smooth. Need a little tightening to go with your smoothing? Then Vivace, our radiofrequency microneedling machine, is where it’s at. These needles go slightly deeper into the skin, and also direct heat there which acts to tighten the skin. Also with little to no downtime, your immediate result will be the unmistakable “Vivace Glow”, a little perk to tide you over while you wait for that collagen boost and tightening to take effect. Both of these treatments are offered in series of 3 to 5 sessions, to get the most impact on your complexion.

Discoloration, lines, texture: Erbium laser resurfacing is the ultimate refresh for those looking to get a real WOW result. Also performed as a series of 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, this is the full monte for resetting the clock to a brighter, smoother- skinned you. Downtime can be up to 5 days of redness, but it is worth it! (more downtime, more results as they say).

All three of these treatments work synergistically to improve your skin both on the surface, and deeper down as well.

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