Should you be "prejuvenating"??

I’ve noticed recently an uptick in the number of articles in beauty mags, as well as patients in my office who come in for consultation to discuss prejuvenation . The concept is sound—who doesn’t want to prevent premature aging? Stopping wrinkles before they even form sounds like the holy grail of being ageless, sign me up 🙋🏼‍♀️. But at what cost? * Millenials have been the major driving force behind the concept of prejuvenation and I think it is smart to approach your health from a prevention standpoint. * So what does this mean for you? What tools should you be considering to age gracefully? Does this mean starting botox or the newtox at 23 or 25? I mean I guess you could, but that could get pretty spendy over time! * I tend to favor creating healthy habits like regular sunscreen use and getting yourself on a good skincare regimen as the mainstays of aging well. What do you think? What choices are you making today to promote young healthy skin for your future ?

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