Breast Augmentation: More than a Job

The decision to undergo breast augmentation is a fairly common one, as far as plastic surgery is concerned. Last year over 300,000 women chose to get a “boob job”, which is a 40% increase from the number of women who did so in 2000. Why such an increase?! Well, we are pretty far from the scare of the ‘90’s, when sensational journalism convinced women that their implants were making them sick. [BEWARE: there are still some people out there who promote and/or make money off this idea of implant sickness. A wealth of studies to date has disproven this theory].

If you are considering augmentation, you have a job to do too—arm yourself with some basic knowledge so you can get the best result possible!

Silicone vs. Saline: which is better? This is a completely personal decision. Both are 100% safe and can get you a natural look. Silicone feels more natural to the touch, but if ruptured may go unnoticed. Saline implants can feel firmer, but if there is a problem with them you will know almost immediately after—they deflate!

These are just a few of the important differences.

Round vs. Shaped: this is often more surgeon preference. The vast majority of surgeons and patients alike cannot tell the difference when comparing women with shaped vs. round implants. However there are some instances where one may be better than the other. Your surgeon can explain this at your consultation.

Submuscular vs. Subglandular(under the muscle or over the muscle): This decision is also largely surgeon preference, though some patient characteristics will contribute to the ultimate decision. Tissue thickness of your chest and the types of activities you participate in can play a roll. For example, very thin patients will do better under the muscle, to give the implant more “coverage” and thus a more natural look. However women who work out or have significant muscle tone in their pecs may prefer over the muscle to decrease animation deformity, or the movement of the implant when your muscles flex/contract.

Augmentation only vs. Mastopexy-Augmentation(lift): have your breasts always been about the same shape/size, and you are just looking to go bigger? Or have the joys of pregnancy or weight changes caused the girls to start pointing due south? You may get a better result with a breast lift in addition to an implant.

Having an idea about some of these nuances of breast augmentation and sharing your concerns and goals with your plastic surgeon will ultimately get you the look and shape you desire.

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