Which method of body contouring for the waist is right for you?

There are SO MANY options these days to get the waist of your dreams, how do you choose? While there are many nuances to each procedure in terms of what kind of result you can expect, here are some guidelines.


What is it? A non-invasive method of fat removal. Applicators are placed on

the areas you want treated, and the fat is frozen. About 3 months later once your,

you see results.

Who is a good candidate? Anyone with “problem areas” of localized fat,

who have good skin quality *

Pros: You can get this done on your lunch break. Minimal to no down time

after a session. It works!

Cons: You may need multiple sessions to get the results you are looking for,

which can add up.


What is it? A procedure where fat is suctioned out through tiny poke holes in

the skin. Usually takes place in an operating room under general anesthesia,

however small areas can be done under local anesthesia in an office setting

for the right patient. Final result apparent within 3 months.

Who is a good candidate? Anyone looking to have body contouring, who is

in good health, with a normal body mass index, or BMI and has good skin


Pros: This is a “one and done” procedure, in that most people get the desired

result with just one trip to the operating room.

Cons: This is an invasive procedure, which requires someone to be in good

health. Extensive bruising can be seen for up to a month after, therefore this

is best done during the winter months.

Tummy Tuck

What is it? The most invasive of the three options, this is for patients who

have excess skin as well as fat on the abdomen, with poor quality skin. Skin

gets removed, and the abdominal muscles are brought back together to both

tighten and flatten the contour of the abdomen.

Who is good candidate? Healthy men and women who have had

massive weight loss following bariatric surgery, as well as post-partum women with

or without a separation of their abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) are good


Pros: This is the gold standard procedure for abdominal contouring

Cons: Invasive, requires time off of work for 1-2 weeks, no exercising for 6 weeks.

*good skin quality means minimal stretch marks, and has good elasticity (stretch).

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