Bad drivers and no place for eyeshadow

I didn’t come from a family where the women spent more than 5 minutes on makeup application. Concealer? Check. Mascara? Check. Then out the door!! In high school when girlfriends started “putting on their face” before a party or a date, I watched with wonder as they transformed their eyes with beautiful shading, or more dramatic effects with eyeliner and eyeshadow. I’d look in the mirror, mimic their sweeps of the brush, and VOILA—no difference! It was as if my eyelid ate up the makeup. Oh well, I was blessed with long lashes, so I tossed the shadow palettes and just stocked up on nice mascara.

Fast-forward 20 years. I felt pretty good about my minimalist face painting before a date night with my husband. But lately I’d been noticing that after a long day, my eyes actually felt heavy. And those lashes? Still there, but I was finding it harder and harder to get a coat of mascara on without getting it all over the skin below my eyebrows! I was also a plastic surgery fellow by then, and realized that my lack of eyelid show is not only congenital--my gran’s eyelid skin practically swallows her lashes, obstructing her peripheral vision, (is that why she was always a terrible driver?! I digress)--but it could also become functional. I could in fact lose peripheral vision at some point. Perhaps I may have already. There was that time I had a bad accident on the LIE that may or may not have been my fault…

So what does a girl do with easy access to professionals for help with this problem? I underwent upper blepharoplasty! In the office of my highly regarded mentor, he trimmed excess skin and sewed me up in well under an hour, with just a little bit of local anesthesia and some distraction (chatting up his delightful Physician's Assistant kept my nerves at bay). Stiches came out 5 days later, bruising was pretty minimal, and I have never looked back. Well, I look forward in the mirror before date night and blissfully sweep a splash of iridescent shadow when the mood strikes;)

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